The ​​tool to use on over
​​1,5 billion of web​sites!

​​ImSeoArchive RegEx Grabber​ is a must-have tool!! Why?

  • ​Find potential clients collection leads
  • ​Newbie friendly - No special 'Techie' skills or experience needed
  • ​Extract everything you want from webpages
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    ​Use your proxies

​The web is the largest source of data. The number of websites is growing exponentially, so also public information is growing

The question is:
Have you ever thought to use this type of data for boosting your business?

I am here to say you that you can use them. How?

  • ​​You can find potential clients who will make you money by collecting their phone numbers, emails, addresses, etc.
  • ​​You can scrape proxies
  • ​You can extract every kind of link (links to images, links to word or excel files, etc.)
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    ​You can extract keywords
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    ​You can create a scraping service in freelance sites like Upwork, Fiverr, etc.

​These are only some a few examples, any data that is in html code can be extracted.

​Introducing ImSeoArchive RegEx Grabber

The final solution is ImSeoArchive RegEx Grabber. A really powerful web scraper, able to grab data from every webpage at lightspeed. It works with regular expressions that are sequences of characters that define a search pattern. You can not only search everything, but you can also clean extracted data with my replace function.

4 Steps to extract data


​Import your urls list


​Select what you want to extract from regular expression library


​​Wait until grabbing process finishes


​Export results

​Are you not a regular expression master?

​Don't worry, ImSeoArchive RegEx Grabber has a built-in regular expressions library to help you select what you want to extract.
You can add/remove/modify as many regular expressions as you want. Furthermore, you will be ​receive a step-by-step guide that will allow you to find other regular expressions and the tools for testing them.

Clean ​scraped data replacing un-useful html code.

Check out the demo here

All features

  • ​Extract data from webpages at lightspeed
  • ​Able to extract proxies, phone numbers, email contacts, etc.
  • ​Built-in regular expressions library for non experts
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    ​Clean data extracted with replace function
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    ​Import your urls
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    ​Export results
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    Able to use custom public and private proxies, referrers and user agents

​Desktop Apps are designed for Windows PC. Works on Mac with Parallels or other emulators

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​What you will receive?

ImSeoArchive RegEx Grabber

​After purchase you will receive your private license data to insert in my software to activate it.

Online manual and video training

My software is well documented. You can access to online manual and video training from main menu.

​Bonus file

​You don't need to buy a proxy scraper, my tool ​is also a proxy scraper.

​You will receive two lists to import into my software:

  • the first one can grab over 20000 proxies in seconds​ from all over the world.
  • ​the second one only to grab US proxies
ImSeoArchive RegEx Grabber

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​I am a software eng​eneering with passion for internet marketing and with an extensive experience in many programming languages. I design, implement and sell only my software. I l​ike to help all my clients and support ​them also after purchase.

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